Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the We the People March only in DC?

No.  In addition to the main We the People March in DC, there are solidarity marches being hosted around the country (and world).  Go to the Solidarity March tab in the menu, and enter your zip code to find the closest one.

Q: How do I find details about my local solidarity march?

A: Each solidarity march is being organized separately. We have a list of cities with Solidarity Marches here.

 For more information, please go to our Solidarity March page, scroll down to see the map, enter your zip code to find the nearest march, then click on the red pin on the map to see contact info for the organizers or a website with more information. If you are viewing the map on a small screen, you may need to scroll down to see this information, and to click twice to see more contact info. All events are still in planning so if you have skills or time to volunteer, let them know!

If you don’t see any pins on the map, click on the small gear icon at the lower left hand corner of the map to choose “Cluster View”.

Q: Is there transportation to the march in DC?

A: Yes.  There are buses and carpools headed to DC for the march. Go to the Transportation tab in the menu, and enter your zip code to find the closest one.

Q: How can I get information on accessibility for buses, for the DC and solidarity marches?

A: Please email us for more information through our form below and choose Accessibility as your Area of Interest. More information coming to our website soon.

Q: What should I bring to the march? How should I prepare?

A: What to bring:  Less is more!  No large backpacks. Plastic carriers like the type used at sporting events are preferable. Water, phone, extra charger is helpful but cell service can be spotty at these marches. Signs should not be on sticks – hold your sign or wear your sign. Bring a cookie or lifesavers or something if you are one that needs a sugar boost. Hydration is important but bathrooms are sometimes fraught with long lines or far way.

Although this march has been permitted by the DC Police, you may learn about your free speech rights as a protester by visiting

You and your party may also prepare for cell phone outages by downloading matching walkie talkie apps on your phones and testing them out ahead of time.


Q: Where can I find sign ideas?

A: Many people are posting their signs on social media with hashtag #WeThePeopleMarch.  You can visit the following Facebook discussion as well to see what people are bringing! 


Q: I emailed or registered but I haven’t heard back?

A: We are happy to report massive support for this March, and we are receiving an extraordinary, growing number of emails daily.  If you haven’t heard from us, we haven’t forgotten about you.  If you signed up to volunteer for the DC march, you will hear from us closer to the event.  If you registered for the DC march, you will start getting information soon.

Q: Where can I donate or offer help?

Visit our donation page to make a donation.  Or email us via the form below if you are interested in volunteering for the DC March.  Please contact the solidarity march organizers directly if you are looking to contribute to a March at a different location.

If you would like to sponsor a student or low income marcher who can’t afford a bus ticket, go to the Transportation page, click on one of the map pins to find a bus, and buy a bus ticket. Then when you get the confirmation email, let the organizer know that you’re donating this seat.

Q: I am unable to go but I am burning to participate. How can I be part of this?

Please donate, sponsor a bus ticket, wear our official merch, and share our site on social media with hashtag #WeThePeopleMarch

We are looking for volunteers: please contact us through the form below.

A local organizer has also planned a “Virtual March” online here.

Q: Why is the mission statement broad?

A: The We the People March is a peaceful first assembly march organized to remind our lawmakers that they work for the American people. The mission statement is broad because the concerns of everyday citizens is as broad and diverse as America.

Q: What about after the We the People March?

A: The march is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more information on how we plan to turn the march into a movement!

Q: How can get answers to more questions?

If you have another question, please reach out through the form below and our volunteers will do their best to help. Thank you so much for your interest and support.

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